"I'm so thankful for this scholarship opportunity. My interests in publishing techniques, from the web to letterpress to photocopied self-published magazines, will be at the foreground of whatever graphic communications I create this coming year. This scholarship represents, for me, my commitment to staying abreast of innovative digital publishing tools while at the same time finding ways to underline the continued importance of the beautifully printed page in art and graphic design."

John Bylander, EDSF Scholarship Recipient



We are thankful for the generosity shown by the following individuals and corporations that have contributed to EDSF.

  • Chairman's Circle

    Pitney Bowes, Inc.

  • President's Circle

    GMC Software Technology

  • Benefactors

    4over, Inc.
    Allegra Network
    Franchise Services, Inc.
    Veritiv Corporation

  • Patrons

    Bell and Howell
    Gimbel & Associates
    Konica Minolta Business Solutions
    OutputLinks Communications Group

  • Friends

    Web2Print Experts

  • Sponsors

    360 Advanced
    Crawford Technologies
    Donily Corr
    Malkon Baboyian
    Muller Martini
    RR Donnelly
    Schilling Inkjet Consulting

  • Affiliates

    Brenda Kai
    Daren Wilen
    Donily Corr
    George Coriaty, Sir Speedy Whittier
    Harvey and Barbara Levenson
    Richard Lowe
    Wilen Group

  • Advocates

    Andy & Julie Plata
    Barbara Martine, Data Page
    Corey Wilen
    Dan Adler
    Darrin Wilen
    Derrick Doi
    Ehud Arieli
    Elisha Kasinskas
    Elizabeth Corr
    Frank Tueckmantel
    Jacob Aizikowitz
    James Ramsey
    Jeffrey DeVoyd
    John DiNozzi
    John Leininger
    Justine Prehatny
    Kathy Bragg
    Lois Ritarossi
    Marjorie Ranns
    Mark Levin
    Mark Subers
    Mary Schilling
    Michael Bilson
    Michael Panaggio
    Monika Zarzycka
    Nina Smoth
    Pete Peterson
    Randall Swope
    Rob Masi
    Rochester Software Associates
    Scott Eganhouse
    Tawnya Starr
    Thomas Schidlen
    Thomas Slechta
    Tina Moylan
    Todd Kamali

  • Scholarship Funding

    We extend a special thank you to those who have established scholarship gifts. This investment in today's students will help shape the leadership and future of our industry. These scholarships help with tuition and books and lessen the financial burden associated with escalating education costs.

  • Carl Gerhardt Scholarship Program by Allegra Marketing • Print • Mail

    Sponsored by Allegra Marketing • Print • Mail

  • Charles H. ‘Chuck’ Forman – Crawford Technologies Scholarship

    Sponsored by Ernie & Jamie Crawford, Crawford Technologies

  • Charlie Corr Memorial Scholarship

    Sponsored by InfoTrends, Donily Corr, Elizabeth Corr

  • Franchise Services, Inc. Scholarships

    Sponsored by Franchise Services, Inc.
    • Don F. Lowe Scholarship
    • Franchise Services, Inc. PIP Scholarship
    • Franchise Services, Inc. Sir Speedy Scholarship

  • Herman L. Gimbel (Hy) and Audrey M. Gimbel Memorial Scholarship

    Sponsored by Gimbel Advantage Preferred Group Purchasing

  • Konica Minolta Women in Technology Scholarship

    Sponsored by Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc.

  • OutputLinks Communications Group Scholarships, Funded by Andy and Julie Plata

    Sponsored by Andy & Julie Plata, OutputLinks Communications Group
    • OutputLinks Communications Group John A. Lopiano Endowed Scholarship
    • OutputLinks Communications Group Woman of Distinction

  • Rod Key Memorial Scholarship

    Sponsored by HP

  • Youth in Print Scholarship

    Sponsored by NAPCO Media/Printing Impressions
    Gary Walton
    George Dick
    NAPCO Media
    RR Donnelly
    Schilling Inkjet Consulting
    Superior Lithographics