"I'm so thankful for this scholarship opportunity. My interests in publishing techniques, from the web to letterpress to photocopied self-published magazines, will be at the foreground of whatever graphic communications I create this coming year. This scholarship represents, for me, my commitment to staying abreast of innovative digital publishing tools while at the same time finding ways to underline the continued importance of the beautifully printed page in art and graphic design."

John Bylander, EDSF Scholarship Recipient


Meet Our Students

The students of today have grown up in a time of fast paced, unprecedented change. Here are some of the things that students today have never experienced: video tape, movie rental stores, watches – they use their smart phones, paper maps, encyclopedias and film cameras. And the list goes on. So why would students living in this age of technology want to enter one of the oldest industries in the world? Check in with some of EDSF's scholarship recipients to get their perspective on the industry and see how they are making an impact on our industry, or click here to see a complete list of students who have received scholarships each year.

2016 Give Back @ Graph Student Speakers

2015 Give Back @ Graph Student Speakers

Melissa Trevino, Digital Media, University of Houston