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Founded in 1996, The Electronic Document Systems Foundation (EDSF) is the only foundation dedicated to enhancing the value and relevance of document and graphic communications worldwide. As a nonprofit, tax-exempt international charitable organization, our goals are to be a catalyst for education and research initiatives and to increase awareness of the emerging trends and issues that influence the industry.

The Foundation engages in programs designed to attract the best and brightest to the industry. By granting scholarships, fostering education, promoting research, recognizing leaders, encouraging innovation, and garnering and disseminating knowledge, we are helping build the next generation of digital content and delivery professionals.


The Electronic Document Systems Foundation is a nonprofit, industry-supported charitable 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible within the United States.

The EDSF Community

  • The EDSF constituency is broad and includes all those who create, use and promote document communications in society.

  • The EDSF community is global in terms of Foundation support.

  • EDSF scholarships, research and other activities are financed through contributions received from corporations and individuals.

  • Brenda Kai is executive director of EDSF. A board of directors composed of industry and academic leaders guides the Foundation.

  • EDSF headquarters are in Hurst, Texas.

EDSF's Role

EDSF's roles are to help document communication professionals, creators, users and the public to better understand and benefit from paper and electronic document communication; play a broad role in promoting document communication; and to enhance and expand the value of document communications to organizations, cultures, regions and individuals

EDSF's Programs
Through its scholarship, research and education programs, EDSF ensures a constant supply of quality talent for the industry.

The Foundation helps prepare students for careers in the graphic communications and document management industry by funding scholarships for technical school and college-level students. Through 2008, EDSF has awarded 277 scholarships worldwide including Canada, China, Dubai, Iceland, Italy, Nigeria, Pakistan, United Kingdom and the United States.

EDSF supports the industry through the Excellence in Education program and through partnering with education providers such as acadami in the United States for vendor-neutral, professional education in the electronic document production space.

Presented annually, the EDSF Excellence in Education Awards include:

Educator of the Year
The Educator of the Year Awards are presented to academic professionals at both the college and secondary school levels who are dedicated to the advancement of the industry through education. These individuals have made significant contributions in the classroom with their students, in curriculum development and within the document management and communications marketplace. Each individual provides leadership, inspiration and enthusiasm in all that they do.

Innovation in Education
The Innovation in Education Awards honor worldwide academic institutions and professional organizations for their educational and innovative efforts relating to the document management and communications industry. Recipients address industry issues, reflect state-of-the art technology and benefit the industry through their programs.


  • Emerging and evolving technologies are continually transforming our industry, and the Foundation has created a base of knowledge to help document communication professionals stay on top of these changes. We commission research initiatives that are crucial to our industry.

  • The EDSf REPORT is a bi-monthly newsletter providing research trends of the document communication industry.

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