"Since I was young, I have aspired of not only working in the printing industry but also becoming a successful owner of a printing business. EDSF scholarships are enabling me to obtain this goal."

Daniel Mast
EDSF Scholarship Recipient


Research Grants

Program Overview

The goal of the Academic Research Grant Program is to document technological and societal changes impacting the document management and graphic communications industry and to forecast the effect of future technologies on document publishing and/or distribution across a variety of dissemination vehicles such as print, Web and other media. Research projects should be structured to examine trends and statistics through 2009 for the specific area selected, as well as forecast trends and projections for the next three to five years.

EDSF initiated this academic grant program for colleges and universities in 2004 to support professors, instructors and students in their research needs. The involvement of students in the research process is important as it exposes students to the research process and to a segment of the document management and communications market. As an added-value, an EDSF research advisor is assigned to each research grant project. This individual provides guidance and support to the research team.

Submission Requirements

The EDSF Academic Research Grant eligibility requirements are:

  • The project you propose must be relevant to the document management and graphic communications marketplace-for example, electronic content distribution and/or Web-based document distribution, rich media documents, graphic communications, commercial printing, document preparation, production and/or document distribution; and/or the enterprise content management field including records management, document management, workflow management, Web content management and electronic imaging and

  • The funds are used for research and educational purposes in keeping with EDSF guidelines.

  • The research must be conducted by professors, teachers or instructors working with a team of no less than two students.

  • Faculty and students of colleges and universities worldwide are eligible for the grant.

  • Application and final research paper must be in English.


For additional information, contact EDSF at 817-849-1145.