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About Us

Mission & Vision
As a non-profit, tax exempt international organization, the Electronic Document Scholarship Foundation (EDSF) engages in programs designed to attract the best and brightest to the industry. By granting scholarships, fostering education, promoting research, recognizing leaders, encouraging innovation, and garnering and disseminating knowledge, we are helping build the next generation of digital content and delivery professionals.

The heart of the Foundation's mission is to ensure that our industry has the talent it needs to survive, grow and excel. This mission is supported by our scholarship program. The industry is changing so dynamically; there are new skill sets involved. Our mission is to ensure that students looking at careers in print understand how wide-reaching the industry is. It’s so much more than just print. Students need to understand not just conventional and digital printing production and the sales sides of the industry, but other aspects too, such as database and web page management, information technology, e-commerce including cross-media marketing campaigns, graphic design and management just to name a few career paths. With the new creativity and talent of future professionals, our industry will be able to maintain its valuable role in business and in society.

The original concept of the document foundation dates back to 1994, when it was noted that the document marketplace was ready to expand and formalize its contribution to education and research.  Today, with industry leaders serving as its board of directors, EDSF is dedicated to enhancing the value of document communication by fostering education and building a community of support to benefit document creators and users.