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EDSF Bookstore

The following books are available in PDF format with a donation to EDSF:

  • by the Web2Print Experts, Inc. Team

    This book will help printers determine appropriate software options. It focuses on how to make educated and confident software investments.

  • by Jennifer Matt
    Available in English and Chinese

    Web2Print is about elevating the print industry’s conversation of web2print: the online connector between printers and their customers.

  • By Mark Potter
    Illustrated by 5th Graders

    All proceeds of Egrets will be donated to the EDSF in an effort to provide worthy students scholarships.

    "Egrets, Hockey Sticks & Roller Skates is a creative example of why stories work. Mark Potter has shared some of his experiences and a bit of himself to help move a group of people. We all can benefit from the moral to his stories."
    - Daniel Pink, author of "To Sell Is Human"